The videos of the march workshop can be downloaded on DailyMotion,

[Metric 2011] March workshop


About metric2011

metric2011 is a program of Centre Emile Borel, an activity of Institut Henri Poincaré, 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris, France. See
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1 Response to Videos

  1. CH says:

    The videos themselves are fantastic, and I’ve learnt a fair bit. Thanks!

    However, it is extremely distracting when there are 15 second commercials every 5 minutes to break the tempo. Worse still, trying to jump to a latter part of the video results in having to sit through a few commercials at once. This breaks one’s concentration and makes learning much harder than it should be (almost defeating the purpose of learning from a video).

    Could the videos be uploaded to some other site besides DailyMotion? Their advertising policies are terrible. YouTube seems to fare much better on this.

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