Metric embeddings problem list, a message from Jiri Matousek and Assaf Naor

Dear Colleagues,

Next week, as part of the Newton Institute embeddings workshop (, we will have an open problem session, intended to lead to a new edition of the metric embeddings open problem list (for the current list, see In anticipation of this, we ask you to consider the following options:

1) If you will participate in the Newton Institute workshop, please prepare any problem that you wish to pose during the open problem session (Wednesday, Jan. 12) and submit it to us in advance of the session either via email, or if you cannot prepare a Latex writeup before Wednesday, you can also give one of the organizers a handwritten description of your question during the workshop itself (by the end of the morning session on Wednesday at the latest).

2) If you will not attend the Newton Institute workshop, you can send us a problem that you wish to be presented during the open problem session. We will do our best to present all of the problems that non-participants email us, but we cannot promise to be able to present all of them. Those of you who just wish to email us a problem to be included in the new collection but do not want it to be presented next week, please email us Latex and PDF files of a clearly stated and brief formulation of the problem that you wish to pose. The problem does not have to be your own question, but please indicate its source.

Please forward this email to anybody who you think might want to submit an open question on metric embeddings.

Looking forward to your input, and best wishes for the new year,

Jiri Matousek and Assaf Naor


About metric2011

metric2011 is a program of Centre Emile Borel, an activity of Institut Henri Poincaré, 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris, France. See
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